UFC Buys Strikeforce: What does that mean for us?

According to this article from the Las Vegas Sun newspaper, the recent deal between the UFC and Strikeforce means that Strikeforce will continue to operate independently of the UFC.  Yeah right!  This won’t happen and we know it.  They might legally be independent with their own contracts and fight cards for a while, but we all know what will happen eventually.

Pretty soon we will all be screaming for the mega-card match up between Fedor and Lesnar or whoever it is that kicks our fancy at the present time.  Will it mean that the UFC will become as big as the NFL or MLB?  Maybe, but it will take some time.  A friend of mine is very excited for a major network deal for the UFC and maybe this will push that closer to reality.   We can all only hope.

Imagine for a moment if you will what the future could be for the UFC and MMA.  Friday afternoon standing around the water cooler, someone asks, “What are you doing this weekend?” “Watching the fights,” you respond.  “Which one?” comes the question.  You answer that you are really looking forward to the welterweight card on CBS that starts at 3:00 PM.  “Aren’t you going to miss the Patriots game?”  “Yeah, that’s alright.  Their not as exciting anyway.”

That would be Dana White’s dream day; when blue-blooded American workers choose to watch his fighters on a Sunday afternoon over the American pigskin players and the biggest network in America has chosen to broadcast his fights over the NFL.  I wonder what those NFL and NFLPA negotiations would look like then?

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