Touch Reflex Joint Locking

Touch Reflex Joint Locking | Ikigai | Blogging the Martial Way.

If you ever wanted to know how to take your joint locking techniques to the next level – read the blog post above.  I am a taekwondo practitioner primarily but I have a lot of training in Hapkido as well.  I have been doing something similar to this for several years now but he explains it so well.  When I started my training in Hapkido, I often struggled with the application of the various techniques.  We always learn them standing in one spot with no movement or resistance.  I would always think of the old joke about Hapkido, “Here let me show you this cool move!  Grab my wrist…NO, the other wrist!”

This post and especially the video does a great job of explaining what that training is for and how to take to a more realistic level.  Learn how to feel your opponent and know where their body parts are regardless of what they are attacking you with.  Once you understand the “Base Level” technique it becomes a simple extension to add some movement to the technique.  This develops your declarative knowledge of the technique, not focus on whether you are doing the fine details correctly, determine if you have done it correctly by the results.

Have fun and enjoy the video.

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