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Ringstar® Fight Pro ShoeI have been wearing these Ringstar Fight Shoes for about three months now, the white ones, and I thought I would take this time to write a review about them.  This is a webpage about martial arts gear and what better way to talk about the products we carry than to review them.

First of all, these shoes are much lighter than they look.  Once you put them on and get used to the different feel of the shoe they seem to disappear.  I say get used to them because they feel different than, say Adidas shoes or Pine Tree shoes because these have a bit more substance.  There is actual padding and a sole in these things, yet they are very flexible and maneuverable with your foot.

The sole has very good traction regardless of the surface, yet it is not too much traction.  I have used them on wrestling mat, hardwood gym floor, tile floor, linoleum floor, and carpet.  I really thought they would stick to the wrestling mat, but to my surprise and delight they did not.  I have had Adidas shoes that stick to the mat and make it almost impossible to spin.  I teach Taekwondo and spinning is an important part of our training and technique.  Another good thing about the sole is that it is wide enough to cover my foot.  In many of the other brands of shoes I have worn, the little toe of both of my feet hangs over the edge of the sole.  This is uncomfortable and prematurely wears out the shoe.  This is not the case with the Ringstar.

As an instructor of children’s martial arts classes one of the things I think about in gear is safety for my students.  When you are doing techniques with four year olds, you want to be sure you or your gear does not hurt them.  I have no worries with these shoes.  They have great padding on the top and sides of the shoe.  Even the hook and loop closures on top of the shoe are padded for safety.  This is one reason they are authorized for use in NASKA and IKF fight circuits and 60 other fight sanctioning bodies.  Their padding makes them like wearing sparring boots but you have more traction on the bottom of your foot.  More traction means more safety, especially in sparring.

Now for comfort.  Once you get the shoe on, you are amazed at what you feel.  At least, I was!  Inside the shoe, the toe box is a little snug at first but it is not too bad.  You will get used to it really fast.  There is an actual arch support system inside the shoe, this is great for me because I need some arch support for my feet.  I have worn this shoes through four hours of intense class instruction and teaching and have not had foot pain or fatigue.  I am very impressed.

As great as they are, there are a few drawbacks I have noticed.  First, the shoes are a little hard to get on your feet.  They have both laces and hook and loop enclosures and even with them both fully open, the shoes are at first a struggle to get on.  This is because of the large amount of padding found around your foot, it is just hard to make that padding flexible.  Second on the drawback meter also has to do with the amount of padding – they are hot.  The large volume of padding on the inside of the shoe means that they are very warm and there is not a lot of air circulation.  There are two small air vents on the inside of the shoe near the arch but they do not provide enough ventilation.  Once you take them off after several hours of intense training, your feet feel like they have been in a sauna and look like it too.  It not a really bad thing, as long as you have a change of socks in your bag but it is a disadvantage.

Overall, these are great shoes and I highly recommend them to anyone who is an instructor and sparring competitor.  Currently, I do not believe the World Taekwondo Federation or USA Taekwondo has approved the shoes for competition in their events but they are very good shoes and I would love to see them be sanctioned by these bodies.  I think it would make my competitors feel much more comfortable in the ring and in class, if they were able to wear shoes as supportive and responsive as these.  If I had a Star System for the Ringstars, I would give them 3.5 out of 5.  Well done.

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