Simply “not fat” is not good enough?

Writing down your goals is the best way to ensure you achieve them.

Welcome to 2013! May your year be full of successes and massive accomplishments. I plan to make this my best year in a number of ways. But that is just the thing, it is not a hope, or a resolution; it is a plan and a goal. I will be honest and say that I have not yet completed my goal setting for 2013. I know, terrible, huh? When I do complete my goals sheet though, I will use the same principles as outlined in many places. My goals will be S.M.A.R.T. My goals for 2013 will be Specific, Measurable, Attainable by me, Realistic for my situation, and Time sensitive.

The key here is to actually write them down, yes, you heard me…write. Do you remember how to do that anymore? I mean more than the signature line on the credit card slip the server at the restaurant gave you. Actually write in complete sentences! Most of us, myself included, have a thought that if I type it out it will easier to read and therefore easier to review and follow. This is not the case. I won’t bore you with the details, just write it out. Please?! This is in your best interest.  Then, after you have finished writing them down, share them with someone you trust.  When you share them, you suddenly are accountable to that person for the goals and it changes how you view them.

Now, how does goal setting have to do with the title of this post? Good question. Over the last three years, I have lost about 90 pounds going from a high of 307 to about 215 and I was very healthy. In the last several months however, I have lost my focus and put a few pounds back on. Since, getting on the scale last month and seeing the 230 mark again, I have been constantly thinking about getting “thin” again. In other words, I have been focused on being “not fat.” This is a bad place mentally to be. I listened to a great podcast episode at that talked about this subject briefly.  To be truthful, I probably stole the title of the post from them.  Thanks Jason!  We don’t need to be super thin with ripped, six-pack abs to be healthy.  In some ways, the models we see on magazines and in the movies are not healthy, they have merely achieved those results for the short-term so they look good for the movie or photo shoot.  They are not the epitome of health, they are the epitome of what is wrong with our culture and its obsession with being “not fat.”  I want to be healthy not just “not fat.” There is a big difference between the two of these and my goal for 2013 is to be healthy.  I haven’t determined quite yet what that is going to be but I will get there.

One of those goals will be to become completely Paleo in the way my wife and I prepare the food in our house.  We have some health concerns in our family on a few levels and the doctor we are seeing has recommended we take this nutrition approach to getting healthy.  The idea is to eat the way our paleolithic ancestors did; without the grains, sugars, and refined foods we find in our current American diet.  Paleo eating has been known to have many positive health benefits so we are going to go at it full speed.  If you want to know more about the Paleo diet, I would recommend clicking over to and reading some of their material.  They have great material and have been extremely helpful in teaching my wife and I about ways to cook Paleo that is still incredibly healthy and extremely tasty.  Also, they have some tremendous recipes!

I will get my 2013 Goals posted next week and share with you what goals I accomplished in 2012.  What did you accomplish in 2012 and what are your 2013 goals?

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