ProForce Gladiator Punch

ProForce® Gladiator Punch - RedThe Gladiator Punch glove by ProForce is a great all around glove for martial artists interested in a single glove that will work for training and sparring competition.  They have lots of padding around the knuckles and back of the hand as well as having the freedom of movement around the thumb to ensure you don’t get it caught in someone’s gear.  As I said, this is a great all around glove.

There are a few features about this glove that I enjoy a lot.  Number one is the extra padding over the knuckles.  This small extra amount of padding gives the glove a flat contact surface that makes hitting targets and people much more comfortable.  Across the inside of the palm there is a padded insert that gives the wearer something to grab onto in helping to form a proper fist with the glove on, this is a nice feature and something that isn’t in some of the gloves that I have tried.

In addition to these features there is a good air hole on the inside of the fingers that gives some circulation through the gloves and keeps them a little bit cooler than other boxing style gloves.  The padding over the knuckles runs the length of the back of the hand and over the wrist.  This in conjunction with the hook and loop strap that wraps around the wrist makes for a secure fit and good wrist stability.

I have used this glove for several years now both in daily training and sparring competition.  The length of the padding down the wrist does mean that it is difficult to wear forearm guards with these gloves but I don’t normally wear these anyway so it is not a big deal.  My students and I use these for partner kicking drills and full-contact techniques, we can say that the shock absorption is very good.  I have used them for black belt level sparring competition and have not had complaints about the padding.

In some gloves that I have had, after a short time the padding inside the glove starts to break down and degrade.  This is not the case with these gloves.  Even with all the training that I have done with them, the integrity of the padding remains.  The pads feel the same as the first day I put them on, there is one thing that is not the same.

As you can see in the above picture, the gloves come with a very shiny coating covering the entire glove.  This coating has flaked away on my gloves.  This is purely cosmetic as it does not impact the performance of the glove but just makes it look a little more beat up.  That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you want to look while training.  I really don’t mind the way they look but I know some people might so be forewarned.

In light of the cosmetic issues with this glove, I can only give it a 2.5 out of 5 Stars.  It is not perfect but it is a very good glove for the price at only $29.95 from Asian World of Martial Arts.  It stands up to a lot.

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