Cyberbullying: The Nations New Epidemic

If you have anything to do with children of any age please read the following article:

Cyberbullying: The Nations New Epidemic.

When I was a kid, I was bullied a lot in elementary school and it has shaped who I have become today.  I started my martial arts training when I had the chance because I never wanted to be a victim of that harassment again.  I think about it often and am struck by how much of my existence has been impacted by this experience.  Kids today have it much worse than I did.

In my childhood I only had to deal with the three bullies after school and on the school bus ride.  Once I was at home or in the school building, I did not have to deal with it.  Kids today do not even have that luxury.  With cell phones, e-mail, iPods, and all the technology available to them, people can send them messages 24 hours a day.  That means these kids could be exposed to bullying at every waking moment of the day.  It is no wonder there are more and more kids with serious problems related to this issue.

Please, if you deal with children, do them a favor and do not let bullying of any kind happen to them.  If you see it, regardless of your position in the situation take some action.  The victims of the assaults will thank you for it eventually.  No one has the right to bully another child, NO ONE!

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