A month of Whole Food

One Month In

I guess it hasn’t quite been a month but my wife and I have been really enjoying the new whole food lifestyle we have chosen with the recommendation of our doctor.  Although it is not exactly the same, the closest comparison is the Paleo Lifestyle as discussed on Everyday Paleo in their website and on their podcast.  In the words of our doctor, it is making a choice to eat food versus products; things made by God and not by man.  This can be a lot harder than at first thought.

Gluten Free?

The biggest shift for us has been the removal of wheat and other similar commercial grains from our diet.  Now, I don’t know all the science behind this but it essentially is this; the human digestive system was not created to digest wheat and grains.  When the human digestive system ingests wheat, there are many negative side effects that can range from lactose intolerance to blood sugar imbalances like diabetes.  For us, this has been quite difficult but here is what we have learned.

Really, no Bread?

First, there are lots of great things to eat once you get over the lack of bread and pasta.  I haven’t had bread or pasta in almost a month and frankly don’t miss it at all.  We eat a lot of the same dishes we have in the past but have made many substitutions.  For instance, the other night we had spaghetti with meatballs.  The meatballs were made with beef, mushrooms, carrots, eggs, and almond flour.  Now, you might say, “I thought you don’t eat pasta? What about the spaghetti?”  Indeed, what about the spaghetti?  Have you ever heard of spaghetti squash?  It is quite wonderful!  It is a large yellow squash and once cooked thoroughly the meat becomes long thin pale yellow threads just like spaghetti.  We had the pleasure of enjoying spaghetti and meatballs without the wheat and added the vitamin benefits of squash.  It was awesome!

Fantastic Paleo inspired dish made by my spectacular wife!

Fantastic Paleo inspired spaghetti and meatballs created by my spectacular wife!

What do you eat?

Other enjoyments have found their way onto our plates too!  Instead of the nutritionally devoid white potato, my family has begun enjoying sweet potatoes a lot, even my four year old.  He normally does not like potatoes but devours  sweet potatoes.  These wonderful orange vegetables are great at breakfast time, but maybe not how you think.  We make Sweet Potato Hash, which is shredded sweet potato, pork sausage, and lots of cinnamon.  Fry the ground sausage in a pan, add sweet potatoes, add a liberal amount of cinnamon, cook through.  Enjoy just like that or with honey like my boy.  It rocks!

Now, for eating out.

Second, eating out has also been a challenge but this is what we have learned.  Restaurant chefs love a challenge and have seemed to enjoy trying to adapt their recipes to fit our needs, we just have to ask.   We were in Duluth, Minnesota a few weeks ago and met with my two sisters-in-law and their husband and boyfriend.  We ate at the Green Mill, which if you have heard of this restaurant, you know they are famous for their pizza, burgers, and pasta.  Well, I had a burger but, as the bun is only a carrier to get the beef to my mouth, I had them wrap the burger in lettuce, which they happily did.  Then enjoyed some fresh fruit.  It was wonderful.

Benefits of New Foods

Overall, it has been a great month of trying new things and learning about new eating habits.  You may be asking what we have noticed health wise as that is the reason we have started this journey.  For starters, my wife’s dyshidrotic eczema has almost completely vanished.  This is a condition where the skin of the hands and feet becomes really dry, blisters, breaks open and bleeds, making holding pencils difficult.  This has made her very happy.  I have lost a few pounds, started to slim down some, and even completely stopped my Diet Dr. Pepper addiction.  I have tried to stop drinking pop before, (soda for the rest of you non-Minnesotans) but always get caffeine headaches…not this time!  Gone. Done. Finished.  After a few months of this, we hope the real reason we started this process will happen, baby #2.  Once we get many of the other health conditions under control we hope to end this two and a half year drama.  If not, we will continue to enjoy a much better lifestyle of clean and nutritious food.

Have a tremendous week everybody! Jump over to EverydayPaleo.com and try a recipe, you will be very happy you did.  See you next week.

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